Membership Requirements

Sec. 1. Membership in the branch consists of three grades: Honorary Members, Members, and Affiliates.

Sec. 2. Honorary Members shall be local ASABE members whom the branch desires to honor with such membership.

Sec. 3. Members shall be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at the University of Illinois who have completed membership applications provided by the branch and have paid dues to become national student members of ASABE. 

Sec. 4. Affiliates shall be students of curricula other than Agricultural Engineering or Technical Systems Management who show evidence of an interested in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and desire to be associated with the branch. Such members shall not be eligible to vote at branch meetings, to hold elective office in the branch, to enroll as student members of ASABE, or to be included in the count of ten members necessary to organize a pre-professional branch, but may attend general meetings. .

Sec. 5. Members in good standing in the branch are eligible to become student members of ASABE as provided in teh By-Laws of ASABE.

Sec. 6. Any member of the branch who has violated the Constitution or who is guilty of conduct unbecoming of a member may be expelled. A two-thirds vote of the branch members present and voting at a regular or special branch meeting will determine the action to be taken against the member, after the member in question has been an opportunity to be heard in his or her defense provided orally or in writing.

    Branch Officers

    Officer Positions

    President: The President of ASABE serves for the fall semester. At the end of thee fall semester, the First Vice President takes over as President. The President performs general administrative duties on behalf of the club and updates the ABE department on club activities. the President oversees the Executive Board and Officers to ensure club business and events are planned and carried out. The President must also plan and run monthly general meetings for the club. Finally, the President must keep up to date with Engineering council and ACES Council news and events. The president must work with their representatives to these councils to ensure ASABE remains involved with these entities.

    First Vice President: The First VP serves for the fall semester. At the end of the fall semester, the First VP takes over the role of President. The First VP is in charge of professional development in the club. It is the job of the First VP to contact companies to come in to speak at monthly meetings. Furthermore, it is their duty to set up any other professional development seminars. The First VP also assists the President in administrative duties.

    Second Vice President: The Second VP serves for the fall semester. At the end of the fall semester, they take over the role of First VP. The second VPs main job is to order food for general meetings and other events. The Second VP also assists the President in administrative duties.

    Treasurer:  The Treasurer is elected for a two semester term. The Treasurer keeps track of all club expenses and manage our two accounts, the RSO account and the bank account. The Treasurer process reimbursements for officer spending and member activities, including AIM. During the school year, the Treasurer only work about an hour a week on average. Processing AIM funding during the summer requires about 10 hours total. 

    Secretary:  The Secretary is elected for a semester term. Their primary duty is to take minutes at general meetings for record keeping. Furthermore, the Secretary is responsible for sending out emails to notify members and the ABE Department when general meetings are. The Secretary also designs and posts fliers announcing general meetings as well.

    AIM Chair: The AIM Chair is elected for a year long term. The AIM Chair is in charge of the committee that organizes the AIM trip in July, including helping people sign up, help book hotels, cars, etc. The AIM Chair also assists the Treasurer with funding. The AIM Chair also oversees the AEM report to ensure that it is completed. They lead the committee in gathering records and information on the clubs operation throughout the year to be compiled into the report.

    Fundraising/Community Service Chair: The Fundraising/Community Service Chair is elected for a one semester term. They oversee the committee that plans Fundraising events, specifically Illini Football Concessions. Furthermore, their committee is responsible for planning and carrying out Community Service events of their choosing.

    Social Chair: The Social Chair is elected for a one semester term. They oversee the committee in charge of planning club social events in order to promote member connections. These events are planned on a monthly basis and are paid for by the club. They also oversee the planning of the semester Barcrawl.

    Webmaster: The Webmaster is elected for a full year term. They are in charge of the club website, social media, and the club calendar online. They monitor and update the site on a regular basis. Furthermore, they assist the AIM Chair with designing the AEM Report webpage at the end of the year.

    Engineering Council Representative: The EC Representative is elected for a one semester term. They are in charge of attending EC meetings in order to represent ASABE in a professional manner before the Engineering Council. They are the clubs voice at meetings and are responsible for updating the club on EC events. EC Reps should have a desire to get involved with the College of Engineering as a whole and represent the club well in front of other Engineering RSOs. Two Reps are elected. It is mandatory at least one attends each EC Meeting but both are strongly encouraged to attend.

    ACES Council Representative: The ACES Council Representative is elected for a one semester term. They have the same responsibilities as the EC Reps, except they attend ACES Council meetings and represent ASABE in a professional manner before the other RSOs in the College of ACES. Two Reps are elected. It is mandatory at least one attends each ACES Council Meeting but both are strongly encouraged to attend.

    Parliamentarian: The parliamentarian is elected for a one semester term. They oversee club meetings and ensure that meetings are being carried out with basic parliamentary procedure as defined in the ASABE bylaws. They also assist with miscellaneous executive duties throughout the semester. 

    AEM Reporter: The AEM Reporter position is responsible for documenting club events and compiling the information (documents, minutes, photos ect) to be posted on the website for the annual AEM trophy competition which runs from May 1-May of the current academic year. AEM Reporters are expected to attend both regular and officer meetings as well as other club events in order to document them. The best strategy for AEM is to keep good notes, a variety of photos and to spread the work out during the semester. The most work will occur at the end of April preparing the website.

    For a list of our Spring and Fall officers, please visit our officers page!

    Current Members

      ASABE National Membership

      Currently, 10 of our members (just over 1/5 of the student branch) have confirmed registration with ASABE National. 


      Standing Committees

      Executive Committee 

      The Executive Committee, chaired by the President, includes the 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President,  Secretary, and Treasurer. The committee meets to plan the agenda for the upcoming meeting and to discuss new and old business. The Executive committee also reviews all other committees and sub-committees to ensure that the club activities are running efficiently. This committee also leads in processing the AEM Report 

      AEM Report Committee 

      The AEM Committee is responsible for preparing the AEM website for the ASABE national competition. The president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, secretary and webmaster all consisted of the committee this year.

      Fundraising Committee 

      The Fundraising Committee is responsible for organizing branch fundraisers. The main fundraising activities throughout the past year consisted of the Lawnmower Summerization, which is further discussed below in Special Committees and organizes members to run a booth for the Illini Football Concessions.

      Social Committee

      The Social Committee is responsible for planning various social activities for branch members. These activities may include bar crawls, restaurant outings and bowling.

      Other Committees 

      Spring Awards Banquet Committee

      The Spring Awards Banquet Committee is responsible for coordinating the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department's annual Spring Awards Banquet. At the banquet, the Department recognizes the achievements of undergraduate students, graduate students as well as faculty members. 

      Prairie Restoration Committee 

      The committee was formed this year is planning to participate in a prairie restoration volunteer event this fall. 

      Engineering Open House (EOH) Committee

      The Engineering Open House Committee is responsible for organizing the ASABE branch exhibit in The College of Engineering’s Annual Engineering Open House held in the spring. Student members volunteer to work at the exhibit: representing the branch, answering visitor’s questions, and encouraging younger students to consider engineering as a major and career path.

      ExplorACES Committee

      The ExplorACES Open House Committee is responsible for organizing the ASABE branch exhibit in The College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES) ExplorACES Open House held annually in the spring. Student members represent the branch, discuss branch activities, and encourage younger students to become ASABE members.

      Lawnmower Summerization Committee

      The Lawnmower Summerization Committee is formed in the Spring in order to prepare for the fundraising event. This additional committee is needed to handle the various tasks that accompany the event including advertisement, logistics, equipment preparation and purchasing, record-keeping, and management of workmanship. Each Spring the Summerization is held to clean and recondition lawnmowers for area residents. The members of this committee consist of the Fundraising committee and other branch members selected by the Executive Committee.

      ASABE Awards Committee  

      This year the club created three awards. The first award, Most Outstanding Officer, is awarded to an officer who has demonstrated consistent, outstanding commitment to the chapter. The Most Hours Volunteered is based on involvement with club volunteer activities. Finally, the Rookie of the Year Award is for a first-year ASABE chapter member who has demonstrated unique excellence for a rookie in the chapter.

      2015-2016 Awards:

      Most Outstanding Officer: Grace Kurcab

      Most Hours Volunteered: Morgan Fuehne

      Rookie of the Year: Lydia Tanner