2015-2016 Goals Statement

Goals for the Current Term:

1) Redesign Club Website

Because of the increasing importance of on-line communication, the student chapter has decided to fund its own website. The website independent of the university and department so it may be changed more readily. The club was successful in this task.

2) Increase Member Participation

During the last term, the officers (especially the president) carried the weight in terms of club participation. This academic year the officers focused on rebuilding the chapter into more effective committees. Additionally, reasons for club participation (enhanced chances for scholarships, professional development) were emphasized. The club continues to build on this goal.

Financial Report Fiscal Year 2015-2016

The Treasurer has the primary responsibility to keep track of club finances. There are three principal policies the club follows regarding finances. First, food expenses are estimated at no more than $350 per meeting. It is the responsibility of the 2 nd Vice President to organize all food and catering for meetings including managing financial transactions. Secondly, all other expenses are reported to the club. Third, the club discusses how much money to fund students traveling to AIM in May. This year’s reimbursement was above average since the club did not receive funding from the student organization resource fee resource pool. As of May 1 st 2016 the club is maintain two accounts. Account Orange has a sum of $5,392 and Account Blue, which is maintained as a registered student organization account, has a total of $1,791. The Treasurer reports the account at each meeting.


Previous AEM Reports

Our previous AEM Report can be found at our old website.